Sustainability and creativity

Sustainability and creativity

Sustainability and creativity is an invitation to explore and experiment with the materials, object of investigation and precious creative resource. Each proposal is dedicated to children and teens, with teachers and parents so as to experiment, design and create from recycled materials not available at home.

Imaginary bicycles
age: 3/11 y.o. (together with an adult)
What does an imaginary bicycle look like? What is a cheerful bicycle made of? Bicycles are familiar objects. Some people use them every day and others would like to learn. Imaginary bicycles invites, starting from recycled objects and materials you can find at home to imagine and create your imaginary bicycle.






Imaginary Bicycle is available in Arabic 







Working with paper  
age: 6/11 y.o. (together with an adult)
In its apparent simplicity, paper conceals invisible aspects that our five senses can rediscover and transform into knowledge. This activity is an invitation to discover the soul of paper, its infinite possibility to transform, to become malleable, to retain the memory of gestures and time also by using some reactants or instruments.







Play with objects
age: 8/13 y.o. (together with an adult)
Houses are micro-worlds that hide unexpected playful elements. Rooms, corners, drawers and shelves are inhabited by known or strange-looking objects, with secret, invisible properties that only a new way of seeing can bring out. Using curiosity, imagination and creativity, the ordinary turns into the extraordinary and things at home can take on an identity, a personality and become the protagonists of games to invent and share with friends.







Chair and chairs  
age: 3/11y.o. (together with an adult)
How many types of chairs are there? Is a chair without armrests always a chair? And in your house, how many different chairs are there? This activity is an adventure that starts from one chair and goes around the house, taking inventory, room by room, of all the possible chairs in your home environment, by drawing, describing or photographing them. Up to imaginary, invented, improbable chairs, where you can sit however you want, upside down, curled up or lying down comfortably.






Chair and chairs is available in Arabic







Machines that transform objects
age: 5/13 (together with an adult)
Everything can be transformed, nothing is destroyed. The things around us come from long natural or industrial transformation processes. Plastic bottles are turned into sweaters, newspapers were once wooden benches, textiles can be produced from organic waste. How do things transform into other things? Can we invent a machine that turns windows into light bulbs? What would that machine be like?

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