Pause – Atelier of Tastes

Pause-Atelier dei Sapori, Shareholders’ meeting for the research centre about taste 

On Saturday July 6 at Il Borgo del Balsamico (Reggio Emilia), Pause – Atelier dei Sapori (Atelier of Tastes) presented the datas of the last year of activity and the research catalogue – the whole of Pause local, national and international projects, ongoing and future.

It’s been an important year for Pause – Atelier dei sapori. A year of laboratories, projects, researches that had strengthen the new identity of this Atelier that goes beyond catering. Pause Atelier dei sapori is place where people can meet, a research centre and a laboratory of ideas, able to realise and propose solidarity and investments projects, linked to food and to people and communities’ well-being. People, children, families and schools, with their lifestyles and their being a community, are the main focus for Pause. It proposes an approach open to dialogue, to solidarity, to social sharing, to an innovation that respects cultures and nature. A research about taste and food, about traditions and memory, about lifestyles and their changes, about correct and healthy nutrition.




All’assemblea hanno partecipato Carla Rinaldi, presidente di Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi, Daniele Marchi, membro del consiglio di amministrazione di Pause e assessore a Bilancio e Welfare del Comune di Reggio Emilia, Paola Cavazzoni, amministratore delegato di Pause Atelier dei Sapori, Emanuele Gnemmi, consulente tecnico e gestionale di Pause e Dalila Davoli, chef di Pause.

Research catalogue

Pause Atelier dei Sapori main research areas combine theory, practice and beauty, where children and adults (0-99 years old) explore and live food in a “multisensorial” way starting from local raw materials care, with particular attention to sustainability of processes and ideas. The project presented focused on the ongoing researches, the collaboration projects dedicated to food and taste and the develop of new format for firms and companies with taste and participation at its centre.