Lego Foundation Awards Carla Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children Foundation, 2015 LEGO Prize

LEGO Foundation at its annual LEGO Idea Conference, awarded Carla Rinaldi, Italian pedagogista and president of Reggio Children, its 2015 LEGO Prize.  Since 1986, individuals or organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the lives of children have been awarded the LEGO Prize.     “We honour Carla not only for her tireless dedication to children’s natural curiosity and growth, but to her work in ensuring that Reggio Children and its innovative approach to education  has reached out from Northern Italy and inspires people and organisations around the world,” says Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, chairman of the LEGO Foundation and owner of the LEGO Group. “We see children as our role models and we believe in child-centered, interest-driven learning environments. Carla’s work exemplifies this and we look forward to continuing to support and follow her achievements in early childhood education.”   “I would like to thank the people who built day by day the Reggio Emilia experience, I am made of it, professionally and personally. Also Kjeld mentioned it the other day, that he cannot separate his life from the life of Lego, and this is why I am not here as an individual but as part of a group, a community, a city – says Carla Rinaldi –  I cannot list the names, there are hundreds of colleagues of schools and Reggio Children, teachers, children and parents that have been partners in this amazing adventure of constructing  not only a good educational experience but an Educating City that is a city that aims for or is able to be educated by its own citizens starting from the children. But there is one person I must name, Loris Malaguzzi, the philosopher that inspired and constructed the experience of infant toddler centres and schools in Reggio. He has been my teacher and my mentor”.     I would like to destinate the prize’s funds to improve the quality of research we are developing with a part of the world at our International Centre Loris Malaguzzi in Reggio Emilia”.