January 7, 2020 – Celebrations of the Tricolor Day in Reggio Emilia

On the occasion of the celebrations of the Tricolor Day and the 223th Anniversary of the First Tricolor, the city of Reggio Emilia has chosen to intertwine the message of democracy and the freedom of the Tricolor with the values ​​promoted by the UN Convention on the rights of children and adolescents , of which the Flags4Rights exhibition celebrates its 30th anniversary.

A collection of one hundred sincere, authentic, experienced drawings that Reggio Emilia has chosen as a flag: the authors of the drawings are children and young people from all over the world who speak to us and ask us to listen to them, they recount moments of their everyday life lived very often in difficult contexts, they invoke peace, hope and freedom. Through their way of seeing the world, they invite us to reflect and restore centrality to the rights of children and adolescents, too often trampled on or denied.

The celebrations at the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia took place in the presence of Luca Vecchi, Mayor of Reggio Emilia, David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Deputy General Director for Education, Alberto Melloni, Director of the Education and Human Sciences Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Carla Rinaldi, President of Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi and Bryan Mc Cormack, President of the Yesterday Today Tomorrow – YTT Association.