Exhibition – Il miracolo è come il guscio della lumaca

Till 16 June 2019 June the Basilica della Ghiara hosts the exhibition “The Miracle is like the shell of the snail – the point of view of children and girls on the Basilica della Ghiara”.

The project has been realized on the occasion of the IV Centenary of the Basilica from the “Otello Sarzi” school and the Fondazione Reggio Children Loris Malaguzzi in collaboration with the Promoting Committee of the IV Centenary Celebrations with the membership of CuraRE Onlus.

A collection of children’s thoughts and imaginaries, which have enriched themselves in the encounter with this place, in its willingness to be discovered and narrated through the curious gaze and the sensitivity of the children. A suggestive place, full of mysteries and secrets, which immediately caught the interest of children, attracted by some architectural details such as the dome, the entrance gates, the bell tower; but also fascinated by the interior spaces, characterized by areas of light and shadow, dizzying heights, niches, paintings, sculptures, silences.


Conference room – Chiostro dei Servi Basilica della Ghiara

Corso Garibaldi, 44 – Reggio Emilia

until 16 June 2019

Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-1pm and 4 pm-7pm

For schools visits by reservation during the week.