Call for application to the first childhood services in Naples, Palermo and Reggio Emilia

From today August 26 until September 15 2019, it will be possible to sign up for the first childhood services starting next autumn within the territories of Naples, Palermo and Reggio Emilia, involved in FA.C.E- Farsi Comunità Educanti project.

The services include paths of free meetings dedicated to parents and children aged 0 to 6 y.o to re-discover, through laboratories and different expressive languages, the beauty of spending time together.

Within each territory, it is possible to sign up in person at one the info points or online at the dedicated link. In particular:

NAPOLI: at Centro Remida (via Curzio Malaparte, 90 – adiacente ex IC 70 Lotto G e Nido Malaparte) every Monday and Friday from 9.30am to 1.30pm or online at To know more

PALERMO: at ICS Sperone Pertini (via Giannotta 4) – every Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 1pm and Wednesday  from 3 to 5pm, at Associazione Cuore Che Vede (via Pigafetta 26) – Monday and Friday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm or online at To know more about

REGGIO EMILIA: at Nido-Scuola Giobi (ingresso Via Verdi 24 o Via Magenta 13, RE) – Monday and Friday from 9 to 11am or online at To know more

The paths are activated within the FA.C.E. – Farsi Comunità Educanti Project, promoted by Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi and financed by  Con i Bambini.