Architectures and imaginaries

Architectures and imaginaries

Architectures and imagery leads us to explore the world starting from everyday life, to rediscover the map of the places that surround us, without leaving our home. Places still
unknown can be searched and investigated thanks to drawing, to graphic and digital tools.

Cities within cities. 360° drawings
age 5/8 y.o. (together with an adult)
Can we, by means of drawing, approach and reinterpret the familiar architecture of our neighbourhood and at the same time connect further away, to a part of the world even hundreds and thousands of kilometres away?






Maps from my world
age 8/11 y.o. (together with an adult)
Reinterpreting the home-school route can become, at least in part, an adventure. In what way? Increasing the awareness of children and teens about the richness of encounters with people and with natural and architectural elements.






Hideaways: taking over small spaces at home
from the age of 3 (with the assistance of an adult)
When we use the term “live”, we refer to all those places that everyone lives in their daily contexts. Our home, one of the environments we live in the most, is an intimate and private space where we can take refuge. By exploring our home we can research and discover different, small, secret spaces; recognize shelters that are invisible or almost invisible and know places that, precisely because of their characteristics, suggest unusual possibilities of action.

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