Pause – Atelier dei Sapori – Atelier of Taste

Pause is research and thought.

Pause Atelier dei sapori  is a permanent research center on the origin and the development of the sense of taste starting from childhood and a workshop for ideas, able to design and propose projects based on solidarity, investment around food and the well-being of people and communities.

Open in 2006 as restaurant, coffee and shop at Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, in 2017 it become a limited liability company and Fondazione Reggio Children owns the 100% of the shares

In the heart of the research of Pause – Atelier dei Sapori there are people, children, families and schools with their life styles and being a community. In this sense, Pause develops an approach open to debate, solidarity, social sharing and innovation which respects different cultures and the nature. It is a place where it is possible experimenting and living a rich experience with food and its languages focused on the quality of raw materials, on tradition and innovation, on local seasonal food, on food biodiversity.


Research context

In the main research context of Pause – Atelier dei Sapori children and adults (0- 99 years old) are invited to explore and experience food in a “multi-sensorial” way, a place that focuses on food, starting from local raw materials, with emphasis on the sustainability of processes and ideas. Pause is a place to fully experience the values of interdisciplinarity and interculturality thanks to the research that stems from daily life, aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives through research on food and taste, focusing on the fundamental role of food at school, at home and in society.

A few of our projects in progress:

  • “I saggi del gusto” an interdisciplinary team of experts and professionals from different fields who are part of the scientific committee that oversees the research on taste;
  • “I sensi del gusto”, a multisensory discovery of taste for children aged 3 to 6 years in collaboration with the Clorofilla preschool in Milan;
  • “Food shuttle, cibo buono e sostenibile a scuola”,  a prototype of a travelling atelier with Cir Food; 
  • The Ateliers dedicated to food 0-99,  to enhance the roots of food products, starting from local raw materials with focus on the sustainability of processes and ideas, such as “pane è un mondo”, “pane, burro e marmellata”, “danzare il profumo”, “ti mangio e non ti scarto”, “dolci senza zucchero”, “acquerello di verdure”, “tè per te”, “taglia&cuci-na”, “il cappelletto reggiano va a scuola – il cappelletto fa scuola”;
  • Projects dedicated to the quality of food from childhood on at an international level;
  • Collaborative projects dedicated to taste and food, such as Norcia, Atelier on food and sustainability;
  • Workshops and team building dedicated to managers and companies with a focus on taste and participation.



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