Becoming community, rebuilding a school

In the remote mountain village of Malagiri, Nepal, the only exsisting school is the Janchup Pre-Primary School, attended by 60 children between 3 and 8 years old.


Its construction and its maintenance are the result of an international cooperation project launched 7 years ago by the non-profit organization Trinity (Sweden), Reggio Emilia Institutet (Sweden), University of Brighton (UK) and the local association Jungchup Charitable Organisation.

On April 25th an earthquake of extraordinary violence shocked Nepal, destroying entire towns and causing more than 7,000 victims.

The earthquake harshly stroke the community of Malagiri.
The Janchup School was so badly damaged that that it is no longer possible to keep it operating. The teachers’ room, shower and toilet are also damaged and out of use.
Children and adults are now sleeping together in the tiny office room, which is the least damaged part of the building, or outside under tarpaulins and makeshift tents.

Janchup School_7

The Reggio Children Foundation, together with Reggio Emilia Insitutet, is willing to support the community of Malagiri and with this aim is launching the project Becoming community, rebuilding a school.

Rebuilding the school is the first step to give the community the opportunity to come back to the daily life.

Rebuilding the school is our duty because every child has the right to access a quality education.

Be part of this community, rebuild with us the Janchup Pre-Primary School!

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