Children in need with AMREF

The partnership between AMREF and Reggio Children was set up in 2006 with many different collaborations that produced enduring and tangible result through the years.

Till today, the Foundation has developed several stages to enhance skills and promote professional development for AMREF staff, both in Kenya than in Italy.

The programme “Trainers’ training” in 2013 rotated around the Dagoretti (Nairobi) staff training, in order to strenghten their skills: examination, interpretation and documentary research about street children reahabilitation processes  through artistic languages.

The essential aim, that Reggio Children Loris Malaguzzi Centre Foundation and AMREF share, is the one of improving children, families and communities life quality, referring primarily to their rights , from their birth to their education, participation, instruction, knowledge and well-being.

In particular, the training path addresses to social operators that work with street children in age between 6 and 18 years, in order to work, together with the community, for their social and scholastic re-integration.

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