Participating founders

Article 10 of the Bylaws of Reggio Children – Loris Malaguzzi Centre Foundation states that:

“Any individuals or legal entities, public, private and collective bodies, even without legal status, that help increase the Foundation’s initial endowments and/or initial management fund with contributions made at least once every three years, in the forms and minimum amounts defined by the Board of Directors. […]
A fundamental prerequisite to become founder is to share the aims and purposes of the Foundation and of the Charter of Values […].”


Government of South Australia 

The Department for Education manages South Australia’s public education system, with the goal of delivering world-class education in all areas of the curriculum. The department aims to achieve quality learning and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people.

IREN Ambiente

logoIren Ambiente coordinates the Iren Group activities in the waste management sector.
The society operates in the field of the renewables, such as biomass, wind power, geothermal, solar and photovoltaic, and it is involved also in some research and development projects, carried out in several italian regions.
Iren Ambiente collects, transports urban and hazardous waste and manages, directly or through affiliates, all the plants for treatment, recovery and disposal of urban and special waste.


Boulder Journey school & School of Education & Human Development – University of Colorado 



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