Participants and Rightful participants

Article 11 of the Bylaws of Reggio Children – Loris Malaguzzi Centre Foundation states that:

“Any individuals or legal entities, acting on their own or in associations, and public or private bodies, even without legal status that, sharing the aims and purposes of the Foundations and the Charter of Values, contribute to its
existence and to the fulfilment of its purposes, by means of regular contributions made on a yearly or multi-yearly basis, in the form of money, professional services, volunteering activity, donation of tangible and intangible assets, free of charge provision of services and free attribution of rights of use in connection with assets, in the forms and minimum amounts defined by the Board of Directors, may obtain the qualification of Participant.

Whereas, article 12 of the Bylaws of Foundation states that:

“The Rightful participants will be all the associates of the International Association ‘Friends of Reggio Children’, as well as the contributing partners of Reggio Children Srl, who are not amongst the Founders. These will not have an obligation to make contributions.”



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