The Foundation’s members are subdivided as follows:

• Promoting founders

• Honorary founders

• Participating founders

• Participants and Rightful participants

“Individuals as well as legal entities along with Public or Private bodies as well as
other Institutions, based both in Italy and abroad, are eligible to become members
of the Foundation.” (art. 7 Bylaws)


Promoting founders

Promoting Founders are those partners who join the Foundation, in the moment of its constitution, by contributing to...

Honorary founders

The Board of Directors may assign the qualification of honorary Founder to any individuals, legal entities, public or private bodies that...

Participating founders

Any individuals or legal entities, public, private and collective bodies, even without legal status, that help increase...

Participants and Rightful participants

The Bylaws of Reggio Children – Loris Malaguzzi Centre Foundation states that...
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